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At Dr. E's rehabilitation clinic, we are dedicated to providing personalized care that addresses the root causes of your discomfort.

Our experienced team is committed to helping you achieve your wellness goals and reclaim your quality of life. 

These testimonials are a testament to the transformative power of our approach, showcasing the impact we’ve had on the lives of individuals from all walks of life.

Many thanks to our patients who have trusted us throughout their recovery and taken the time to share their experiences! 

Whether you’re recovering from an injury, seeking relief from chronic pain, or aiming to enhance your overall well-being, Dr. E’s clinic is here to guide you every step of the way. 

You need our help? Don’t hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to guide you through the process! 
Estelle Milliet
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Testimonial from a patient with a complete rupture of the anterior cruciate ligament.


Knee problems

Following a knee injury, I consulted Swiss Ortho Clinic; Dr. Echeverri diagnosed my problem instantly. I was followed by very efficient doctors and did my rehabilitation at the Dr.E. by Swiss Ortho Clinic, accompanied by professionals equipped with high-performance connected machines.

I was able to strengthen my knee, travel again and enjoy my favorite activity, kitesurfing, 3 weeks later.

I can highly recommend the services of the Dr.E. center, where specialized professionals who listen to our needs provide effective support.

Maria Teresa Londono


I’m a 77-year-old woman, in good health and very active, but I’ve never liked going to the gym. The effects of inactivity during the pandemic were very noticeable: instability, fatigue, back pain, lack of energy. I was diagnosed with Sarcopenia.

Luckily, I had the opportunity to get to know the DR. E center, and thanks to its atmosphere and the professionalism of the team, I became enthusiastic and took part in 36 sessions. The improvement was gradual, with the machines adapting the effort according to my progress. The results were astonishing, not only the way I felt, but also the strength measurements!
I’m happy to be able to continue strengthening now.

Thanks to Dr E and his team, I’m going to continue to age in SHAPE!

Florence Bühler

Knee pain (meniscus)

Following recurrent pain in my left knee, and a particularly incapacitating episode of pain, I started physiotherapy sessions at the Dr.E. studio. I noticed that I never had any knee pain after the sessions (pain that would have been due to the exercises) and so I regained confidence in my mobility. So I was able to progress with confidence, thanks to the equipment and its fine programming, exactly adapted to my problem and my morphology. If possible, I’d like to be able to do the exercises regularly, over the long term, to prevent further painful episodes.

Catherine Fumey

Osteoarthritis and herniated discs

The Dr.E. Center provides invaluable help in regaining strength in the legs, back and shoulders, thanks to progressive weight training exercises.

This individualized treatment was the perfect follow-up to the back school organized by the CHUV, because after 3 weeks of intensive training, patients find themselves on their own and don’t really know how to maintain the strength and mobility acquired during their work at the CHUV.

I’m completely satisfied and encourage future candidates to try out this new center, thank you!

Jakub Began


I would like to express my gratitude to Dr. Echeverri for his highly professional attitude and assistance throughout the entire period before and after the surgery for my torn ACL.

I am also immensely thankful to the team of physiotherapists. I commuted to the center twice a week for exercises, contributing significantly to the recovery of my knee. I believe they did an outstanding job, as my legs are now in even better shape than before the injury.

During the rehabilitation, the only issue I encountered was perhaps a slight confusion regarding which exercises to perform aside from using the machines. Additionally, there was limited space for exercises requiring mobility, such as running or squatting.

Despite these minor challenges, I appreciate the team’s overall professional yet friendly attitude and unwavering support. Thank you once again!

Dany Vargas

Shoulder problem

Hello I am Dany Vargas,

A year ago I have had a problem in my left shoulder, I did a lot of physiotherapy sessions and the truth is that I didn’t get any results. I was recommended Dr. Santiago Echeverri and with the physiotherapy Dr.E with the machines in three months I achieved results that I did not get in a year. I am very happy with the work of Dr. Santiago Echeverri. God bless him to continue helping people like me who need to recover our health.

Thank you


Cruciate ligament

Unfortunately, I tore my cruciate ligament during a soccer match. Thanks to these new machines, I’ve seen very rapid progress. The frame is also a real asset, modern and futuristic.

Irène Carneiro

Hip operation

After a hip operation, I went for exertherapy.

It’s done me a lot of good, everything’s improved, I’ve got more strength, more mobility and that’s a very good thing.

Christophe Guennouche

Adductors injury

I injured my adductors during a soccer match and I can’t recommend this center highly enough. The exercises are tailored to your needs and you can really feel the improvement. What’s more, it’s easy to book appointments and the center’s opening hours make it possible to adapt to any schedule.

Mme Kaufmann

I’ll say it straight out: I don’t like machines or screens. I was motivated to build up the muscle around my knees, but I was surprised that as the sessions progressed, the exercises didn’t become more difficult for me to perform: wasn’t I making progress? Until I realized that the number of kilos I had to move on the machines increased each time…. Conclusion: I’d increased my muscular strength without realizing it!

Josée La Fontaine

Super positive experience, very friendly and professional staff.

Improved my physical condition thanks to modern, easy-to-use machines and top-notch staff.

Thanks to the whole team!

M. Zorjen

Degenerative meniscus lesion

Physically very active (skiing, hiking, walking in the mountains), I was diagnosed with a degenerative meniscus lesion and significant muscle weakness. Strength tests carried out at the Dr.E. Clinic motivated me to carry out muscle-strengthening work in 18 sessions, with an improvement in strength from 9 to 129%, and excellent preparation for further treatment.


Having been a triathlete for 2 years, I turned to Dr. Echeverri for his invaluable advice. Everything is perfect, the machines are incredible, very intuitive, and the support provided by the whole team is reassuring. A wonderful experience!

Mme Favre

At first, I was apprehensive about having to work with machines, but after the surgery I quickly realized the benefits of the treatments and the spectacular progress… I even wanted to go three times a week!

M. Weiss

Much more effective than traditional physio or fitness, but with fun and motivation. No pain during the exercises, very gentle. I’ve regained confidence in my knee!

Mme Ledermann

Compared to other physiotherapists, there is a follow-up with programs and machines adapted to your person. I recommend this clinic, it’s wonderful and well done!

Sylvain Ochsner

Left hip prosthesis

After my hip operation, I did two sessions a week, the team was very nice and I quickly regained my self-confidence thanks to them and the good program, good exercises and good machine, the best.

M. Antonakis

It’s the first time I’ve seen that physiotherapy really works and that I can see my progress thanks to the precise measurements. The therapists were very present to accompany me.

Marilu Terraz Benitez

My name is Marilu. I consulted Dr. Echeverri following an injury to my left leg in a skiing accident. This pain later developed into back pain. I didn’t know what it was, and my spirits were low. A CT scan finally showed that I had torn my external left meniscus. The doctor told me straight away that surgery was out of the question, which was a relief. He suggested a program of muscle re-education (2x / week) for my lower limbs and back.

Already in the second week of physiotherapy, I noticed changes. There was less pain. Thanks to a program adapted to my specific problem, I gradually regained strength in my leg.
I was looked after by a great team (professionals who speak several languages, including Spanish). I felt more confident and supported. I’m very grateful because the exercises and advice given have made a very positive change in my daily life.

I’m really glad I did the program I was asked to do so I could get back to normal life. Although I couldn’t see any way out of my problem, the staff supported me at a time when my morale was low. I would therefore highly recommend using the services of Dr. Echeverri and his team at the Dr.E. Rehabilitation Center before going ahead with an operation.

Jean-Luc Fleury

Total knee prosthesis

Following the multiple ACL and other arthroscopic operations I have had since 1992, each time I underwent rehabilitation using standard (fitness-style) and isokinetic machines. In the hands of the masseurs and physios, my convalescence went well, and I was very satisfied with the end result.

30 years later, Dr. Echeverri agreed to operate on me for a total knee replacement despite my young age. It had been about 5 years since I’d been able to do anything without intense pain.
Before the operation, Dr. Echeverri asked me to do 2×9 sessions of “therapeutic strengthening” using controlled equipment. I complied. I can assure you that he was right about everything. In addition to doing intensive strength training, I was able to do it virtually pain-free.
On the evening of my operation, I was standing with walking sticks, and the next day I started to move around without them.

4 days after my operation and one day after my discharge from hospital, I began my rehabilitation sessions with Dr.E., 3 times a week, plus the exercises I did at home.
3 weeks after the operation, I bend my knee to 120 degrees, I have 95% active extension and 99% passive extension, I go up and down stairs without any problems. I’m starting to do squats and skipping. I was able to continue after two weeks.
Without this pre- and post-operative mechanical therapy, I wouldn’t be at this level today.


Herniated disc

Excellent follow-up and availability of the physio. Attentive to giving additional exercises at home and for machine settings and explanations.

Very pleasant atmosphere in the center.

I have already recommended you to my doctor.

Carol Martin

Arthritic knee

I found it very helpful and all the people are very nice and explained everything very well. It helped me a lot in my daily life.


Torn cruciate knee ligament

The muscle-strengthening sessions helped me regain stability and strength and feel safe enough to ski again.

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