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The connected machines we employ at the Dr.E. center are equipped with the latest technologies to ensure accurate and effective treatment. They are designed to provide targeted exercises, all under the guidance and supervision of our trained professionals. 

By incorporating these advanced machines into your therapy sessions, we can enhance the precision, intensity, and outcome of your treatment and you will be able to strengthen your body and improve your joint amplitude without experiencing pain.

We are using 3 groups of specific machines, targeting:

The upper body
The lower body
The back and neck region
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Amidst this era of advanced machinery and technology, the subsequent aspects hold significant importance:

Musculoskeletal system assessment

During the first consultation, an assessment of the strength (isometric measure), joint amplitude, and overall condition is done, directly on the machines. 

This information is crucial for designing an effective rehabilitation program tailored to the individual’s needs, allowing them to recover faster and return to their desired activity or sport safely.

The right dosage

Using motion as a remedy

Utilizing movement as a potent remedy for musculoskeletal issues is highly effective, but as with any medication, excessive use can prove detrimental, while insufficient application yields no results.

The key factor in achieving effective advancement lies in the capacity to measure and manage all factors within therapeutic exercises.

This can be accomplished through our appropriately engineered devices that deliver seamless and manageable resistance throughout the entire range of motion. Precise control over movement and velocity is ensured by the responsive visual cues from the terminals, guaranteeing adherence to individually designated safe ranges.

Every machine is linked to a separate screen that patients use to track their progress through the program. This screen displays information such as weight, repetitions, speed, and, upon completion of the exercise, highlights accuracy. 

Optimized biomechanics

The technology at our disposal encompasses specialized devices tailored to individual joints, enhancing biomechanical efficiency for the spine, hip, knee, and shoulder. These devices ensure precise joint alignment along the correct axes, incorporate scientifically validated load distribution curves, and facilitate isolation of target areas through reliable fixations. As a result, this technology facilitates exceptionally smooth joint movements while maximizing the potential for neuromuscular training benefits.

Cloud-Connected Software for Guidance

Amidst the intricacies of our cutting-edge devices and software, the user experience remains remarkably intuitive. Each device is effortlessly registered using an RFID card, seamlessly initiating personalized settings. Automatic adjustments to seats and auxiliary components take place, while the program itself is sourced from the cloud.

Comprehensive data collection

Automated collection of pertinent data is executed from multiple sources. The process of data acquisition is pre-configured based on specific treatment routes, guaranteeing the comprehensive retrieval of all necessary information. Information is sourced from surveys, pain illustrations, assessments, and physical routines.

The entirety of the data is promptly accessible for both reporting and analysis purposes. A simple action enables the immediate retrieval of current progress on any given patient. Pertinent data at the center or network level remains consistently accessible.

As the first center in Switzerland to utilize this new technology, we are committed to the highest standard of care helping you achieve optimal musculoskeletal health.

Don’t hesitate to contact us to visit our center, we will be happy to show you around!
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